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February 07, 2009

About "bluenecks"

Originally published November 23, 2003

Jennifer and I once went camping one weekend and we took three young ladies with us. My daughter Samantha, Jennifer's niece Nichole and their friend Jessica rounded out the crew. I had three girls around the age of ten, all with boy's names.

Sam, Nick, and Jessie. Go figure.

We didn't just call them by those names on the camping trip. We called them by those names all the time. My daughter has ALWAYS been "Sam" to me since the day she was born. Nichole was ALWAYS "Nick." Jessica was ALWAYS "Jessie." They are all three beautiful, grown-up wimmen now, but if I see them again tomorrow, they'll be Sam, Nick and Jessie to me.

Maybe that's just a Southern thing.

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