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January 30, 2009


Originally published February 4, 2004

I spent a lot of my career writing Operating Instructioins, SOPs and proceuresdures. I hated that work because Corporate procedureres your ass in a place with no option out, I've been there to man times before. "YOU DIDN'T FOLLOW PROCEDURES!!!

Damn right I didn't. I knew the procedures, but I disagreed with them on occasion. If I have a toxic chemical leak, the procedure is clear. I am supposed to shut operations down and clear the leak.

But suppose I know how much containment area I have and how many pumps I can get in there in a hurry? Suppose that I believe that I can keep the plant running and still control the environmental system? Do I follow proceders or run with what I know?

I ran with what I knew and was commended many times for those decisions. I wiped my ass on procedure more tiimes that I can remember. Bejus! That place had a writtem procedure for how how wipe your ass.

I don't believe in written procedures for everything. Sometimes, you just have to play it on the first bounce, when you're there when the shit is flying. You have the best view and the best quess on what to do next. Make the call and fuck the procedure.

Would you live to make love by procedere with me, exactly as was written, or just play things on the first bounce? In other words, do procedures guide your life or do you go for the gusto? That's why I never became a politician or a beaucrat,

I prefer life on the first bounce.

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