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January 28, 2009


Originally published Febrary 4, 2004

I bitch a lot about the idiocy of our legal ststem, but I don't want to tear it down. I once had a problem with a guy who agreed to do some work for me at a certain price. He didn't get the work done before he had over-spent his bid, so he just decided to quit where he was and stiff me.

I sued his ass and got my money even though the asshole had to sell his truck to pay me. That was a just working of the legal system to me.

A neighbor of mine raises a lot of chickens. He makes a lot of side money selling hens and eggs. But he welcomed a couple of new neighbors who had two dalmations, which definitely run in the top five of stupid dogs. Let them get a taste of chicken blood and they go totally bullshit.

The dogs started digging into Mitchell's coop and kiling a lot of chickens. They ate eggs, too. Mitchell talked to his neighbor twice about the leash law in Georgia and that the fact if the dogs kept running loose and destroying his chickens, he would take care of the dogs. The dalmation-owver seemed to believe that the whole story was a joke.

Mitchell caught both dogs is his coop the next day. He killed both dogs, loaded them into his pickup truck and hauled them over to his neigbor's house. He threw them in thge yard and said, "You're dogs are finished fucking with my chicken coop. I warned you, and now you have two holes to dig."

The asshole sued Mitchell for killing the dogs. Letting the dogs run loose cost the man $70 each, because that's the penalty for the leshless law around here. Mitchell, however, conmmitted cruelty to animals and ended up paying a $2000 FINE AND BUYING THE GUY TWO NEW PEDIGREE DALMANTIONS.

I would have shot both dogs and buried them quickly and cleanly. When the owner finally asked about the dogs, I honestly could have said "I haven't seen them in a couple of weeks. I don't know what you did with them, but they're sure staying out of my chicken coop anymore."

Mitchell never should have been sued over what happened to him. But he confessed to the neighbor that he killed the dogs. I never would have admitted that fact. In fact, I would have denied the shit out of it. I would dared a posse to find the dogs, then I would have sued that albaition -owner for ever nickle his dogs ever cost me.

To me, that's justice. I don't give a damn about a deep pocket or who I can fuck out of money in court. I'll I want is what is even.

And this case sucks.

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