Gut Rumbles

January 15, 2009


Originally published January 29, 2004

I dreamed that I was back in Jamaica last night. I had a good time on that trip.I did more drugs in 24 hours than I did in the lst 24 years. As I told my partner, I don't usually get fucked up like this. But I was enjoying myelf and she didn't seem to mind. "You're on vacation she said. Go for it." We were drinking rum and tequila. That stuff helped my mind a great deal.
I finally staggered off to bed and slept until alsmost 9:30 in the morning.

She wanted to go for a walk on the beach and I wanted a shower. I told her that we would meet at the breakfast bar in 30 minutes. I got there first and managed to sneak a Bloody Mary on the tab. My partner arrived shortly thereafter and ordered everything in the menu. For a slender woman, she can eat like a horse. We bought lobster tail, bammi and acki, just so the resteaurant would cook it for us. When in Jamaica, eat Jamacian.

I learned two things about my woman on that trip. She can pee outdoors with the best of them and there's not a shy bone in her body. I believe that like like pagan wimmen. They remind me of me.

That's for the trip, pattner. I thouroughly enjoyed it. Wanna do it again sometime?

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