Gut Rumbles

January 13, 2009


Originally published January 28, 2004

I put my truck in the ditch yesterday. Yes, I was riding that most wel-maintined dirt road in Effingham county when that wet sumbitch caves in on me. The edge of the road feli off and I went up the the gunnels in my truck.

I was standing the side of the road smoking a cigarette.

A guy diving a 4-wheel-drive Dodge Dualie then pulls out and stops. "Mr, do you meed a pull?"

"Sir, I believe that I do. I intend NOT to spend the night in the ditch on the got-damned dirt road in the middle of nowhere."

"Don't worry, buddy. I'll get you out.'

He did, too. I tried to tip him $20 when we were unhooking the chain, but he wouldn't take it. "Just remember that it drives better on the road next time you're out here."

Those are the people I live with in Effingham County.

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