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January 10, 2009

Losing my virginity

Originally published November 27, 2003

I got laid for the first time just before my 17th birthday. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, but I was disappointed because I didn't feel DIFFERENT afterward. We both skipped school that day and did the deed in the back seat of a 1962 Dodge Dart in a patch of woods on Tybee Island. I went to my after-school job that evening and felt just the same as I always did there. I couldn't understand why nothing changed.

I really thought that I would look different or feel different after losing my virginity. I didn't. I simply felt like the same old me with another memory to cherish forever. And I still cherish that memory.

I learned a simple fact about life that day. Getting laid for the first time is wonderful, but it does NOT change you. You remain what you are and who you are. The heavens don't open with a purple glow and nobody stands aside and bows in adoration when you walk down the street afterward. It's really just another day.

It was a SPECIAL day, but that's all. Thank you, Judy, wherever you are today.

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