Gut Rumbles

January 09, 2009

Too much truth this morning

Originally published January 28, 2004

I enjoy laughing at people who actually believe in fairness. Do you know what's really fair? It's whatever you can get your ass away with.

Fair will be angel on your shoulder sometimes, and then it will tun right around and slap the dog-shit out of you. That's what you get from playing fair. I still try to play fair but I'll let the othter person set the rules. If he wants to be fair, I'll be fair. But if he wants to cheat like a rat at my neck, we'll just have to decide who the biger rat. I have no problem playing by your rules.

But that's why I could never be a politician. I have no problem being a rat when the situation requires it.

Polilitcs, just makes a rat too much off being my ambition., leaves me old. A rat is not my political ambition. I just want to be left anione.

Politicians can't do that. They are men full of ambition and bullshit The idea of leaving people alone never enters into their thinking.


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