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December 13, 2008

Yeah. I'm proud of it

Originally published July 28, 2005

PJ is a typical leftist troll. Every now and then, the prick surprises me by actually having something rational to say, but those incidents are few and far between. Take this comment, for example:

Your grandfather planned to go out and KILL another human being with his gun. And this was something you were proud to tell about. What is respectable about that and how does that make for a bonding thing with a son? and WTF does wearing Old Spice have to do with shooting a fucking gun or killing another human being? If that is what you count on to get laid, I would hate to meet the women you attract Acidbrain. The only thing you are passing to the boy are insecurities you could never seem to make up for except to try your damndest to be some kind of Marlboro man...but I believe you have fallen a little short on that goal pardner.


Posted by PJ at July 28, 2005 02:51 AM

My grandfather bought a pistol and FULLY INTENDED to kill somebody with it. He went looking for the man who tried to rape my grandmother, and only the fact that she was a mean-assed farm woman saved her from that fate when that bastard attacked her.

PJ obviously knows NOTHING about Harlan County, Kentucky back in those days (1935). You couldn't call 911, because nobody had a phone. Hell, my family lived so far up in the hollow that nobody could pump SUNSHINE into that place. You either took care of yourself and your own, or you were fucked.

Yeah. My grandfather WAS gonna kill that man if he found him. And I AM proud of the way he reacted. Pussies won't understand, but I do. In those times, the law wasn't always handy. A sheriff might take half a day to ride on horseback to your cabin, AFTER you sent somebody running or riding to report a crime.

If my grandfather HAD found that man and shot him dead in cold blood, no jury in Harlan would have convicted him for it. PJ will never understand what it means to take care of yourself, by whatever means necessary. The "Code of the Hills" is lost on a leftist asshole.

PJ, what would YOU do in those circumstances? Just say the rape was inevitable and my grandmother should have relaxed and enjoyed it? FORGIVE the escaped con and chalk it up as "shit happens?" Invite the bastard over for supper so you can "communicate" with him? Suggest some "anger management" classes?

Sit down and sing "Kum-Ba-Ya?" If that's what you believe, I should be able to rape your mama and receive nothing but "love" from you.

Fuck you. You wouldn't have survived a month in those hills thinking the way you do.

You are a perfect example of why America is becoming so pussified today.

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