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December 12, 2008

Pissed him off

Originally published December 15, 2005

Recondo 32 responds to "mrchuck" in the comments about his sailboat:

Since all your fans seem to think I'm taking you off to drown you, perhaps you should let them know my qualifications. I held a 100 ton ocean master ticket, I've been the captain of a research vessel, I've been a charter captain, and misc other jobs around boats. No the boat is not ready to go to sea thats why it's going to the yard first for the underwater work and I have a couple of months to do the required upgrades for the trip which is damn near coast wise. All the electronics will have backups and if necessary I know how to do a sight reduction (that's celestial for you armchair sailors). She'll be ready before we roll, you'll be safe, but I still reserve the right to keelhaul.

Recondo may be as crazy as a shithouse rat in a lot of ways (which is one reason I like him), but he ain't dumb. Besides--- this "YOU'RE GONNA DIE! DON'T TAKE IT OUT OF THE BAY!" stuff just pisses me off.

We've become so risk-adverse as a society that I'm suprised somebody hasn't recommended that Recondo sell the boat and buy plane tickets to FLY to Belize. It's much safer that way.

Got-dam. Whatever happened to the philosophy of "No risk, no reward?" If humans had held to that kind of thinking throughout history, we'd still be squatting in caves and worshipping thunder-gods.

I'm not talking about being foolhardy. Hell, if you want foolhardy, just look at what Columbus did. We're better off RIGHT NOW than he was when he set sail. At least WE know where we're going.

And I am reasonably certain that we can get there, too.

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