Gut Rumbles

December 09, 2008

I'm not gonna declare victory

Orignally published July 28, 2005

They may be back. They've done it before.

The ants got so bad around my house that I had to take extreme measures. I was smart enough to buy TWO 50-pound bags of Diazanon right after the tree-hugging EPA banned it. Even in this sweltering heat, I was pissed off enough to spread 90 pounds of it over my yard and around my house. I kept 10 pounds for emergency back-up.

BWHAHAHAHAAA!!! I don't have ants in my yard anymore, but my neighbors do. And THEY don't have any Diazanon. I hope I killed a gadzillion ants, but I really think I just ran them off and stuck my neighbors with them.

Tough shit. That's THEIR problem now--- not mine. I hope they do the wookie-dance the next time they're bitten and thank the EPA for banning Chlordane, too.

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