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December 02, 2008

Weekend warriors

Originally published July 29, 2005

I have some interesting comments on this post. I'm gonna give MY humble opinion on the matter.

I worked with a LOT of people who were in the National Guard or some military reserve unit. Most of 'em thought it was a gravy train. You get paid, you pile up more years for retirement, and you go to drill one weekend a month, then spend two weeks in the summer sleeping at Fort Stewart. Rough work.

Then, the gravy train derailed and they were asked to do what they were being paid to do, for all of those years that they did nothing. Go fight.

Got-Dam! That wasn't a free ride anymore and they couldn't smirk about drawing a "free" check every month for attending "duty" that involved no duty. Those fuckers are trying to bail out left and right now. I hope they do, beause we don't need those lazy bastards anyway.

I just have one question to ask: If you ENLIST in the National Guard or retain your reserve status when you exit the military, just what the fuck did you expect? Were you betting that you'd NEVER be called to active duty? Were you scamming the system for some bucks? Was the CHECK all you were in it for, and now that you're being asked to EARN the money, you don't want it anymore?

I don't buy that shit.

That's about as smart as saying, "I want to be a prize-fighter, I want to be paid for it, but I NEVER want to step into a ring." BEJUS! They all knew the job was dangerous when they took it. But it didn't SEEM dangerous at the time, and the checks just kept rolling in. Fat and happy, sucking the government tit. Life was good.

But now that it IS dangerous, they don't want the job. Good. We don't want that kind anyway, and the sooner they get their pussy asses out of the military, the better off the military will be.

Don't ever sign a check that your ass isn't willing to cash.


Just so you know, a bunch of youngsters in my rural neighborhood joined for the college $$ help (which by the way is not overwhelming). They are fully informed and most of them know the likleyhood of being deployed is near 100%. If they don't they are #,1 being lied too and #2, stupid as heck. Yes my son joined. No, he has not deployed yet. His HS graduates about 30-40 each year. Each year at least 3-6 young men/women enter the service. Since OIF started he has got classmates who have been there two times. This isnt news to us anymore. He knows two young men KIA. No question about it. This war is being waged by young men and women who willingly signed up for the job. Thank God for that fact.

Posted by: bigGriz on December 10, 2008 03:02 PM
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