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November 17, 2008

It was fun anyway

Originally published December 27, 2005

I played golf today. Ugggghhh!! I shot 103, which is kinda ugly, but it really wasn't as bad as the score suggests. I had an ELEVEN, a TEN, two NINES and an EIGHT on my scorecard. Knock those disasters down to mere double-bogies, and I would have been 15 shots better.

When I was good, I was fairly good. But when I was bad, I REALLY sucked. (Believe it or not, I lost only one ball all day. That happened on the hole where I made the eleven.) I didn't make any birdies, but I made a lot of pars. All in all, I'm not too disappointed.

I wanted to play from the Geezer tees, but my group insisted on playing from the Blues, which added 15 to 25 yards or more to every hole. That hurt, because my distance game is gone--- I used a well-hit DRIVER off the tee on a 185 yard par three today and came up short of the green. I still parred the hole, but that should have been a four-iron shot. I am mighty weak.

When we finished the round, one of the guys said, "Let's retire to the 19th hole and drown our sorrow with some adult beverages. I'm buying the first round."

I respectfully declined the invitation. A cold beer would have been exquisite, BUT... I ain't going there.

Now the challenge will be to see if I can get out of bed in the morning. I'll bet I'm gonna be sore as a boil.

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