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November 04, 2008

Friday Five on a Saturday

Originally published April 12, 2002

Time for a FRIDAY FIVE on an actual Friday (sort of).

1) What is your favorite restaurant and why?
Right now, I would like nothing better than the prime rib and lobster at Duffy's Steak House, because it is in Key West, Florida. But that's about 750 miles away, so I don't go there often. When I really crave a delicious meal, I go to Pearl's Elegant Pelican on LaRoache Avenue in Savannah. Every table has a wonderful view of salt water and marsh grass, the seafood is delicious and they serve the BEST DAMNED HUSHPUPPIES in the world. I could make a meal out of those sweet morsels.

2) What fast food restaurant are you partial to?
I like Taco Bell, with the hot-hot sauce on whatever I order. I hate McGrunge, because my son is VERY partial to that place and I eat a lot more of their food than I really want.

3) What are your standard rules for tipping?
I tip what the service is worth. I learned that from working in the bars. I start at 15% and work up or down from there depending on how my server treated me. A good one loves me. A bad one thinks I'm a cheapskate. Both earned what they got.

4) Do you usually order an appetizer and/or dessert?
I am famous for filling up on appetizers until I am no longer hungry when the main course arrives. I like raw oysters, calimari, fried mushrooms, crab cakes and a blooming onion wherever they're served. I never eat dessert.

5) What do you usually drink at a restaurant?
Everything they stock at the bar. No, that's not true. I drink wine. I like white zinfandel with seafood and merlot with steak. Sometimes, I like an Irish Coffee and a fat cigar when I've finished a big, expensive meal. At McGrunge, I drink Coke, but I don't particularly like it.

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