Gut Rumbles

November 03, 2008

Not much blogging today

Originally published August 29, 2005

The morning got off to a bad start.

I woke up at 7:30 AM because I needed to go take a whizz. I sat up on the edge of my bed, took one step and pitched face-first onto the floor. My left knee and left ankle just gave way. It was as if they weren't even THERE anymore. I almost knocked myself out with that pratfall.

Got-dam! I didn't expect that to happen and that's why I fell so hard. I know that both of my knees are fucked up from playing football and I know that I tore up my left foot and ankle when that dumbass dog Oddball tripped me in my hallway one day.

But I don't usually have that kind of trouble.

I hurt bad after that fall. I didn't make it to Circuit City today. I was lucky to crawl to the bathroom before I pissed all over myself. I spent most of the day on my couch, dazed and confused. I thought I might have a concussion (I plowed my head into the floor really good) or maybe a cracked rib or two.

I think I'm okay now.

Fuck me anyway. I once climbed mountains and now I can't get out of my goddam bed in the morning.

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