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September 29, 2008

Hairy wimmen

Originally published September 30, 2004

I believe that I ate a hallucinegenic egg for breakfast this morning. I was sitting here, minding my own business, cruising a few blogs and reading the news... when... all of a sudden, I STARTED THINKING ABOUT HAIRY WIMMEN! Don't ask me why. I don't know.

I once slept with a woman who didn't shave her legs. She was an early Fem-Libber, and I was not aware that she quit shaving her legs until she slipped her jeans off that night. She wasn't particularly hairy, but feeling those legs wrapped around my neck on my skin was a very odd sensation. I knew right then that I preferred a woman with hairless legs.

I once dated a woman who waxed her upper lip about once a week to get rid of her moustache. She was Italian, with jet-black hair, and she also had hair around her nipples. She was a pretty woman, just kinda hairy. I always wondered why she didn't wax her nipples, too.

A lot of wimmen shave all their pubic hair off today. I know from going to nekkid resorts that polite behavior dictates that you...ummm... trim the bushes... but TOTALLY NEKKID? I'm sorry. I like a little Mohawk or a goatee or SOMETHING with some hair on it there. Otherwise, I feel like a pederast.

One of the most arousing things about a woman that I've known in my life (other than red toenails) is PEACH FUZZ on their bellies. You know what I mean--- that fine, delicate hair that you can barely see, unless the sunlight catches it just right, and then it glows golden. That sight drives me crazy. I go into full lust-mode when I see that.

Don't you think it's odd? Wimmen go out of their way NOT to be hairy while men spend billions of dollars every year trying to KEEP the hair they've got. Too bad that we can't work out a swap.

Are we screwed-up, or what?

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