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September 23, 2008

wimmen compare notes

Originally PUBLISHED August 14, 2004

I had an erotic dream last night.

After all the bad dreams I had on the road, this one was refreshing. It involved THREE of my ex-lovers all wanting to hop my bones at one time. I rolled in it, and I regretted waking up. That was one fine dream.

I remember one night in a bar on River Street in Savannah. I was playing on stage and I looked through the smoke and the stage lights and realized that I had slept with every female employee there. The bartender, the waitresses, the night manager and several other hangers-on from the Savannah Morning News and other establishments.

Do you know how that happened? I do. I showed ONE of them a good time in bed and she told her friends about it. The friends wanted a sample, too. THEY came on to ME, not the other way around. Any guy who thinks that wimmen don't talk about how you perform in the sack is deluding himself. They DO talk about it. They compare notes. And if one finds good sex, the others want it, too.

I got laid again that night and I saw it coming when I walked up behind two wimmen at the bar during one of my breaks. One, who I had slept with, was talking to another. I saw her hold her fingers about 9" apart and saying something about "he can do it all night long." I KNEW what they were talking about.

I was 26 years old at the time. I had a big dick and I COULD do it all night long. I walked up and started talking with the ladies. It didn't take long to charm the new find, and I took her home with me at closing time. She didn't regret the experience and she told HER friends about it, and I got laid some more.

Guys, never forget one simple fact: Wimmen love sex as much as YOU do. Watch Sex In The City. Those confused wimmen ALWAYS talk among themselves about sex and men. Wimmen compare notes all the time.

Originally PUBLISHED August 14, 2004

I've NEVER heard a man admit that he's a flop in bed. Naw, if you listen to a guy talk, he's ALWAYS the ultimate stud and wimmen cling to his legs as he walks away from them after a night of multiple orgasms. I know what bullshit that story is. I've bedded too many wimmen who never had an orgasm before to believe that shit from guys. I've had wimmen FALL IN LOVE with me because I made them cum for the first time in their lives. They never knew that sex could BE like that. That fact tells me that a lot of shitty lovers exist in this world.

That's why wimmen compare notes the way they do.

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