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September 09, 2008

Stupid laws

Originally published January 2, 2002

I read a news item today about some dingbat representative in Maine or New Hampshire or one of those other sanity-deficient New England states who wants to make adultery a crime punishable by fines and jail terms. I believe that is an absolutely ridiculous idea, although I do believe the commission of adultery should count for something in divorce court, which it doesn't if it's your bloodless cunt of a wife doing the adultering instead of you. I don't know why divorce laws are based on the premise that All Men Are Swine when there are a lot of really shitty women out there, too. For every OJ Simpson and Joey Buttafuco in the news, there have to be at least two equally twisted, bizarre and selfish women doing things just as vicious and nasty, but we rarely hear about them unless they murder their children.

But I meander from my central theme, which is: stupid laws created by pissed-off, sanctimonious bullies for the sole purpose of bludgeoning otherwise law-abiding folks into changing their lifestyles to suit the bullies. Nowhere is this phenomenon more apparent than in the ever-escalating war against second-hand smoke, that insidious villian and slayer of children used to justify every anti-smoking ordinance on the books, from that certified nut-bowl state of California to my own beloved state of Georgia, where now it is illegal to smoke inside Sanford Stadium when the mighty Bulldogs play. Not one single anti-smoking law has anything to do with protecting the health of the non-smoking public. That noble cause is used to justify the law, but it all really boils down to a pissed-off, sanctimonious bully saying, "I don't like cigarettes. I don't believe people should smoke. I can't make them stop, but I can make them SUFFER by doing something to make their lives as miserable as possible. And when they are miserable, I will feel sooooo gooood!"

The bullies received a real sledgehammer when the EPA issued its fraudulent report in 1992 showing a positive link between second-hand smoke and lung cancer. That study has since been royally debunked, with a federal judge throwing it out, concluding that it cherry-picked and manipulated data so egregiously that it "bordered on fraud." Hell, it didn't BORDER on fraud. It WAS fraud. But none of the laws passed in its wake has been rescinded or even rethought; instead, more laws are enacted every day, still using that fraud as justification. And when the World Health Organization spent ten years on a study of its own, newspapers announced "WTO Study Shows Link: Second-Hand Smoke Causes Cancer." The results of that study have never been officially released, but it can be found on the internet, where one can read the conclusion, in plain, simple English, that the relationship between second-hand smoke and cancer is "statistically insignificant."

Second-hand smoke may be obnoxious to a non-smoker, but it is not a health hazard. It may irritate people, but it won't kill them. So how to we really justify all of these ever more stringent anti-smoking laws, banning smoking outdoors, within 1000 feet of a school or even in a private residence?

It's all done by a bunch of pissed-off, sanctimonious bullies, the same people who pushed the skinny kid down on the playground at school, called the child wearing glasses "four-eyes" and pulled the wings off flies when they were young. Some people are born shitheads and stay that way all their lives.

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