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September 01, 2008

good news

Originally PUBLISHED August 31, 2004

, yeah... I KNOW that the LATEST FORECASTS put hurricane Frances right up my ass this weekend. I still say that's good news. Forecasters keep adjusting the track farther north. I like that.

Hugo was supposed to hit Savannah, but it turned north at the last minute and waylaid Charleston. Floyd was supposed to hit Savannah, but it was drawn to the National Hurricane Magnet of North Carolina. Wait and see. Frances will miss, too. I stick with my original prediction for landfall: Wilmington, NC.

I'd rather be lucky than good and I'm trusting my luck again this time.

(UPDATE: if THIS TRACK asst. ed. note: this link is still operative , but takes the reader to real time as of this repost (September, 01, 2008, ironically showing the path of Hurricane Hanna, which is taking an almost identical path to the one that Francis followed in 2004) holds, we're going to take a whippin' even if we don't see the eye of the storm. Savannah will be on the northeast side of the hurricane and that's the worst place to be. I need to buy some more beer and cigarettes.)

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