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August 20, 2008

Hush Puppies

Originally PUBLISHED April 28, 2005

I actually met some yankees at the blog-meet in Jekyll who had never tasted HUSH PUPPIES before. I couldn't believe it. Hush-puppies are a STAPLE down South.

Hush-puppies are really nothing more than deep-fried cornbread, but you can make them so many different ways that it could put a Starbucks menu to shame. Straight up, they are good. Chop up some onion and bell pepper into the mix and it's even better. Add some hot peppers. Dice some sausage and try that, too. Make 'em anyway you want to.

It's almost impossible to fuck up a hush-puppy.

But you can make some REALLY good ones, that stand out in the crowd. The best hush-puppies I ever tasted came from "Pearls's Elegant Pelican" on La Roache Avenue in Savannah. Pearl served her hush-puppies the way a Mexican restaurant gives you a bowl of corn chips to munch before you order your meal.

Bejus! I could dig into Pearl's hush-puppies and make a meal out of THOSE. By the time the waitress came to get my order, I wasn't hungry anymore. That's no shit. I often ordered a meal and told them to put it in a go-box, because I had filled up on hush-puppies.

Pearl made them with a lot of honey and butter, then fried them very lightly. Those puppies were delicious and SWEET, without being nauseating. It was like eating cake.

If you've never tasted good hush-puppies, you have not lived a complete life

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