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July 27, 2008

Late night rant

Originally published July 15, 2005

I am a LIBERAL in the true sense of that word. I believe with all my heart in the freedom of the INDIVIDUAL to set his own course in life and to handle his own affairs. I also believe that with such freedom comes RESPONSIBILITY. If you fuck up, you pay for it.

I am NOT a leftist. Leftists do not believe that ANY individual is capable of running his own life without government control and "compassionate" help. I strongly disagree. Get out of MY yard. Take your village and stick it up your ass. I don't need YOU to take care of me.

Just read THIS bunch of tripe:

What is a liberal? Acidman doesn't know shit about liberals and wouldn't tell the truth about them even if he did.

What is a liberal?

He/she is strong: You have to be strong and competent to carry out your responsibilities.

A liberal his/her family to be safe, which requires that they protect them, and themselves, from harm. The motivation to protect others comes from empathy, and the ability to do so comes from responsibility and strength.

Liberals want fulfillment in life: When we empathize with others and take care of them responsibly, we desire their well-being, and want their dreams to come true.

Happy and fulfilled people want to see others happy and fulfilled. Correspondingly, unhappy, unfulfilled people tend not to want others to be happier than they are. It is, therefore, a moral requirement to be a happy, fulfilled person.

See? Leftists can't even explain what they THINK they "believe" coherently.

I have a very solid position on one idea. This world doesn't owe me a got-dam thing. Nothing is free. I love and trust people who EARNED that respect from me. I don't run around handing those kind of feelings out like alms. People who do, from "empathy" or whatever, make their alleged "love" absolutely worthless.

If you GIVE IT AWAY, how important is it, really?

I catch a lot of flack from loving leftists who call me cruel and nasty because of what I write. Fuck 'em. I PAY for this space myself and I can write whatever I want. But I defy ANYBODY to read my blog from end to end and find ONE POST that's as "nasty" as what leftists have to say REGULARLY in my comments.

Yeah. Hold hands and sing "Kumbaya." But you'd better do it OUR way, or we'll call you a racist and burn down your house and cut your tires and call you all sorts of nasty names because our hearts are so filled with LOVE.

Yeah, right. Leftists are filled with love. Except for when they hate people who don't think the "correct" way.

My house is filled with GUNS. I like that a lot better than leftist thinking.

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