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July 16, 2008

Decision time

Originally published May 18, 2006

I've gotta make a choice, and I ain't sure what I'm gonna do. I know good and well that I AM NOT going back to the doctor for another torture physical therapy session, and I know good and well that I can't stand the pain I'm feeling now.

I read this scare-you-to-death article in the Savannah Morning News yesterday that said prescription pain medication abuse is an "epidemic" today, and THE CHILDREN are taking them, so we've gotta cut that shit OUT. Doctors are in fear of having the feds investigate them and take their licenses if they write script today.

My aching ass. Do ALL laws exist "for the children" anymore, or do we have ADULTS running this country? I'll be damned if I know.

I hurt. I have something chronic wrong with me, and it is affecting my life BADLY. But if I see a doctor, he pretty much says, "Suck it up and pay me $150 a visit to tell you to... well...suck it up some more." Fuck that.

I have another question: if you go to the doctor and almost EVERY question Nurse Ratched asks is about your INSURANCE, do you REALLY think she gives a shit about how bad you feel? Do you get the feeling (which only adds to your pain) that's you're being milked like a COW? That it's all about MONEY?

Naw. Me, neither.

But I WILL NOT live as I am much longer. And THAT is a promise.

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