Gut Rumbles

July 16, 2008

She meant well

Originally published May 18, 2006

From my emails:

Rob, I'm sorry you feel bad. I will send you some drugs if you want them. I have extra-strength Tylenol, some buffered aspirin and some kind of little yellow pill that I think is either a muscle relaxer or maybe a sleeping pill. Those are about six years old, so I think you might have to take a bunch to feel anything.

I have your mailing address (Ha! Ha!) but I've never sent drugs in the mail before. Can I be arrested for that? How do I send them? I'm not asking for any money. I just want you to feel better.

See? I have spammers bugging me and NOW I have a pusher tryin' to get me hooked on buffered aspirin. What the hell. I told her (Ha! Ha!) to send me the little yellow pills. I'll take a bunch and tell HER what they are... or WERE... or whatever.

Good friends are hard to find.

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