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June 13, 2008

more today

Originally PUBLISHED May 17, 2005

In about 30 minutes, I picked two pints of blackberries today, and I could have gotten a lot more if the rain hadn't started falling just as I wading into the Mother Lode. Bejus! I have a true BOUNTY in my back yard. Those berries are EVERYWHERE!!!

I wish mama were still alive. I'd take her a bunch of these and help her make a cobbler out of them. Or some blackberry muffins. Left to myself, I'll probably just eat them raw. They are sweet and juicy and I can probably pick all I want for another week or so.

Back when I was a kid, what I have in my back yard would NOT have survived until now. As a kid, I would have found that blackberry patch LONG before an old fart like me found it, and I would have picked it clean every day, even if I had to sneak into a stranger's yard to do it.

Kids just don't do that kind of thing anymore, and the country is worse off because of it. Most kids today don't know a blackberry when they see one, unless it comes in a package from Krogers. That fact saddens me. Most kids don't run the woods the way I once did. They'd rather play video games.

Picking blackberries makes me feel young again.

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