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June 09, 2008

No surprise to me

Originally published November 4, 2003

People at the blog meet kept commenting on how well everybody got along and how we all seemed to be kindred spirits. I have some questions about that.

1) If you've read a blog for a while, do you start to believe that you KNOW the person who writes it, even though you've never met that person?

2) If you met that same person for the first time at a blog-meet, would you be at a loss for conversation?

3) Do you believe that blogging attracts the same kind of people to that medium of expression?

4) Are you afraid to speak in a room full of people that you don't know very well? If so, THEN DON'T BLOG!

5) Do you read some blogs and have this overpowering urge to jump the writer's bones, even though you've never seen that person before? If so, email ME.

I wrote that missive just to say that bloggers tend to get along. Everyone I met at the blog-fest was outgoing, egotisitical and LOUD. I am... uh... outgoing, egotistical and LOUD. Yep, no problems there. The only real difficulty was having only one person speak at a time all day long. That never worked out quite right. We made a lot of noise.

I am convinced now that if you demanded that a room-full of bloggers be perfectly quiet for 60 seconds, heads would explode. Bloggers aren't built to be quiet. If they were, they wouldn't blog.

That's MY humble opinion.

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