Gut Rumbles

May 25, 2008


Originally PUBLISHED August 11, 2005

I bought ten pounds of green peanuts at the grocery store today. I paid $1.40 a pound for them. They were good-looking peanuts, and I'm almost out in my freezer, but DAMN! $1.40 a POUND? I usually buy green peanuts by the bushel (50 pounds) for $35. Well... it was my choice to buy them or not.

I also saw something else in the produce section that made me stop and think. They had "Personel Watermelons" for sale. Those little suckers were about the size of a soccer ball and priced at $1.99 each. I hefted one and put it back in the bin.

"Personal Watermelon," my ass. What's next? "Designer Grapes?" Goddam yuppies.

I did buy six ears of Silver Queen corn still in the shuck. They were three for a dollar and that ain't a bad deal for fresh corn, since I don't grow my own anymore. I'm going to eat that tonight, along with a special treat I also have.

I went by the seafood market and bought two pounds of fresh shrimp and a couple of frozen deviled crabs. That's all cooking now, and I'm going to pig out.

I also have a six-pack of Shiner Wheat beer that I purchased at Randall's today when I stopped by there for cigarettes. BWHAHAHAHAA!!!

Sometimes, it's good to be me.

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