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May 23, 2008

me and the bobcat

Originally PUBLISHED September 8, 2005

One of my operators went on his rounds one morning and called me on the radio shortly thereafter. He was supposed to test-run our emergency diesel fire pump, but said he couldn't do it because "lions" were in the diesel shack.

I walked out there to see what was going on.

My operator told me to be careful, but I thought the dumb bastard was hallucinating, so I just snatched the door open and took a step inside. HOLY BEJUS!!! A bobcat mama had snuck in there and dropped a litter of bobcat kittens right behind my fire pump.

She reared up and snarled at me, with what appeared to be, at a quick glance, three kittens hanging from her teats. I stepped back outside and left the door cracked open.

"Leave 'em alone," I told my operator. "We'll fire up the diesel pump when she decides to move out."

Have you ever seen a WILD BOBCAT? They are impressive animals. A LOT bigger than a house cat, with a mouthful of teeth that mean business, no tail and a VERY pissy attitude. I wanted no truck with that mama.

From my office window, I could see the firehouse, and I watched that bobcat carry all three kittens out of the pump-shack and take them off into the woods. She carried one at a time, by the scruff of the neck, and once she was gone with her litter, I never saw her again.

But don't tell me we don't have bobcats around Savannah. I've SEEN FOUR and if that mama had kittens, there had to be a daddy involved in that equation. That makes FIVE.

They are mean-looking bastards, too.

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