Gut Rumbles

May 11, 2008


Originally PUBLISHED April 15, 2006

I think I've eaten a hamburger at Ruby Tuesday's, but I don't remember it being this good. Maybe I need to go back to Ruby's and try again.
Here are my selections for the best hamburgers in Savannah. As is typical in my life, two of the three places no longer are open for business.
#1-- The old Crystal Beer Parlor in downtown Savannah. Damn! The place is closed now, but they once served the best hamburger in the world as far as I'm concerned. With some steak fries and a pitcher of cold beer, that burger was exquisite.
#2-- The Exchange Tavern on River Street in Savannah. I think it's called "The Congress" on the menu. That's a delicious, two-fisted burger that leaves juice and fixins dripping off your elbows after a couple of bites. Ummmm.... GOOD!
#3-- Billy Bob's Steak House. Not the one on River Street, but the one that once operated off Mall Boulevard before the tax man ran them out of business. They served a 1/2 pound burger with everything, including chili on it, which was a true-gut-buster if you ate the whole thing. It would put you in a coma if you weren't careful.
Damn! Now I'm craving a hamburger. I won't defile my palate with anything I can find around where I live--- my choices are Burger King or MacDonald's--- so I'll just make my own, which would be #4 on that list if I still lived in Savannah.
I make a mean burger...

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