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April 27, 2008

I gotta comment on a comment

Originally published August 20, 2003

The lovely and talented, guest-blogging, pussy-shaving, headache of DOOM-ridden Shell left this comment about me buying popcorn from a couple of Boy Scouts yesterday.

They still let little kids go door to door? Good lord, we know YOU wouldn't hurt them, but what about all the other strangers they are running into?


Shell, one of the reasons I moved into the woods of Effingham County, Georgia, was to GET AWAY from the shit in the city. Yeah, that crap made me *shudder*, too. I wanted to raise Quinton in a place where he didn't have to be afraid of everybody around him. I wanted Quinton to have a childhood similar to mine. That goal is difficult to accomplish today.

But it can be done where I live. Those boy scouts were perfectly safe (as long as the storm didn't catch them outside, but even then some caring family probably invited them inside their home to drink cokes until the storm blew over. People do that where I live.) A pervert wouldn't last five minutes here in rural Georgia. If outraged neighbors didn't hang his ass from the nearest oak tree using somebody's anchor rope borrowed from the bass boat in the driveway, an outraged father would shoot him with the Mossberg shotgun he bought on sale at the Super Wal-Mart last Saturday. We Jawjans get real decisive in such situations.

And you'll never find 12 people in Effingham County to sit on a jury and convict someone who killed a pervert for molesting a child. Perverts know that fact, and they generally go be perverted somewhere else. I like life that way.

Shell, I love you darling, but you're comparing apples and oranges here. Kids still CAN sell door-to-door where I live. I ALWAYS buy from them, too.

And I love it.

People who don't live in a place like Effingham County, or my neighborhood for that matter, don't understand what I'm talking about. It is SAFE for children around here. It's a small-town place with a small-town mentality. We look out for the kids, get to know our neighbors and don't believe that Ward and June were idiots.

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