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April 25, 2008

I have a problem with this

Origially published August 18, 2003

Just read this crap and then tell me that we don't have a screwed up judicial system. A pedophile clown gets paid $2,500 because people didn't want him entertaining children in a public park.

Got-damn! The guy already has two convictions because of the way he likes to "entertain" children. But his First Amendment rights are violated because we don't allow him to put on a clown show and attract children? I have a real problem with this story. But that figures, because I have LOTS of problems with our legal system today.

I'm a kinky guy and I like sex. Among consenting adults, I'm open to almost anything anybody can suggest. But I draw the line at children. The little ones TRUST YOU and they DEPEND ON YOU to take care of them. You're supposed to keep the booger-man away, not BE the booger-man.

That bastard is lucky that he never "fondled" my son. He wouldn't be worrying about his First Amendment rights if he did that. I would kill the sumbitch in cold blood and let him worry about worms from then on. I would do it and take whatever punishment came my way as a result. NO PEDERAST had better EVER lay a hand on my boy. I'll kill that pervert as sure as the sun comes up in the morning. And I'll kneecap him, elbow-shoot him and put a couple in his gut before I lay one right between his eyes. If I'm lying, I'm dying.

Some things I simply cannot stand. Child abuse is one of them.

My boy trusts me. He listens to what I say and he obeys my commands. I've spanked him only a few times in his life, but he knows that I'll do it. Young Jack is the same way. I understand that they are little boys and I cut them some slack for their natural-born, coltish dumbassery. But I am in charge when they are around. They know it and they behave accordingly.

They also know that I am not the booger-man and I won't ever allow the booger-man to get them. Quinton has bad dreams sometimes and and wakes up crying in the middle of the night. I just hug him and tell him that he is safe with me. He believes it. He should, because it's true.

Sometimes, I am his clown. I juggle and tell kiddie jokes. But I do it to make him laugh, not to fondle him or Jack. The rest of the time, I am his protector.

Hobbs pleaded guilty in 1978 to second-degree sexual abuse after New Rochelle police charged him with luring an 11-year-old boy into his office and fondling him. Four years later, a Pennsylvania judge sentenced Hobbs to nine months in jail for molesting a 14-year-old boy while driving him to church, where Hobbs performed his clown show for children.

Hobbs' convictions came to light in 2001, when he ran for the Westchester County legislature on the Right to Life Party line. At the time, he told a Journal News reporter, "Regardless of the fact of whether I'm guilty or unguilty, there are no children at the county legislature." The party disavowed his candidacy, and he lost the election.

In December, Martin handed down a decision that the county had a right to ban Hobbs from performing in the park's money-making venues, like the amusement rides, but not from the public areas, like the boardwalk.

I don't understand this legalistic logic. I would shoot the sumbitch.

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