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April 20, 2008

I agree

Originally published May 30, 2003

In MY humble opinion, The Wild Bunch is the best western ever made. I've watched it at least 40 times and I'm still not tired of it. Bishop Pike, Lyle and Tector Gorch, Angel and Dutch. Whatta bunch. Here are my favorite quotes from that movie:

#1) "It ain't your WORD that COUNTS! It's WHO you give it to!"

#2) "Why NOT?"

#3) "Start the ball, Tector."

#4) "Kiss my mama's black cat's ass."

#5) "Mexico lindo." "I don't see nothin' so 'lindo' about it. Just looks like more of Texas to me."

If you've never seen the movie, the quotes won't make any sense to you, and you deserve to be dragged off and shot. That's why I liked the fact that a man from the land of Oz posted this idea on his blog:

Movie crossover I'd like to see:

Young Guns vs. The Wild Bunch

Pike, Dutch and the Gorch brothers would have turned those whiny, pansy-assed brat-packers into fertilizer.

Heh! He's right.

UPDATE: Just to give you an idea of what I'm talking about, just look at the Wild Bunch cast:

Bishop Pike-- played by William Holden
Tector Gorch-- played by Warren Oates
Lyle Gorch-- played by Ben Johnson
Dutch-- played by Ernest Borgnine

Bit parts were played by Strother Martin, L.Q. Jones, Robert Reed and they all were directed by Sam Peckinpah. You not only see and hear that movie... you SMELL it, too.

That's a goddam western.

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