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April 20, 2008

They don't teach this in school

Originally published August 15, 2003

Of course, they don't teach much at all in school anymore.

Let's talk about the blackout. How many of my readers have ever run turbine generators? What happens when they start to "motor" instead of generate?

I believe a backfeed occurred on the grid and a lot of generators shut down as a built-in, self-protection feature. Be glad that they did. Otherwise, the power wouldn't be back on as quickly as it is.

I wonder how many politicians ever put the "sync" on a generator and threw it on the grid? I wonder how many politicians know what an electrical backfeed is? I wonder how many politicans ever saw a generator about to "motor?" I wonder how many politicians have a fucking clue about the difference between AC and DC current? What will the ignorant shits babble about tomorrow?

They'll have a field day about talking about ENERGY, while wallowing in ignorance, preaching to an ignorant audience and puffing smoke out their asses. Modern day witch doctors in expensive clothes is what they are. They make me want to puke.

I know how to sync a generator and I know how to throw the knife-switches on a high-power line. I've done it many a time and I am NOT an electrician. I just ran a power plant for a while.

I've never been a politician. They know a lot more about power grids than I do.

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