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April 07, 2008


Originally published May 17, 2003

To jay solo. I started this blog on December 28, 2001. That was my son's eighth birthday and I was supposed to have custody that weekend. I came home with cake and presents to find a message on my answering machine from my ex-wife informing me that she had gone to the mountains with her unemployed, dope-smoking lover AND QUINTON for the weekend and all of the next week.

Her exact words were, "If this upsets you, you'll just have to get over it." I will NEVER forget that message and I will never get over it, either. I will never forget throwing that cake in the trash can and crying like a baby. I will never forget the day I started this blog.

I just wrote and threw it out there. I wanted people to read what I wrote, but I never knew how or wanted to troll people. I still believe that doing that is manipulative and evil. It works, but I don't do it (not very much anyway).

At first, I used a pseudonym, because I wrote about a lot of personal stuff that I thought might affect my job. Now I don't care who knows my real name. And I still write about personal stuff.

I was linked by some of the big boys because they found me. I didn't go looking for them. I appreciate the attention, and it damn sure inflated my readership, but I kiss no ass on this blog. My blog is what it is.

I started it to give me a reason not to blow my fucking brains out. After a while, I met a lot of interesting and friendly people and stopped doing the nightly ritual of choosing between the alarm clock and the pistol. People, you cannot imagine how close I came to choosing the pistol on many a night.

I believe that I had 5,000 visitors by March of 2002. That's about the time I established the Original Crew. We started our own little network just so nobody's comments stayed empty. It became a really friendly group. I received about 35 visitors every day and I was proud of that fact.

I never trolled for hits or followed any kind of Ten Commandments for attracting traffic. I don't leave a lot of comments where I surf, except for the Original Crew. I don't email people asking for links.

Jay, once I hit 25,000 visits, the whole thing took off all by itself. It took me damn near a year to get 50,000, then six months to get 50,000 more, then LESS THAN six months to get 100,000 more added to the roll.

You are where I started, but I think you have a leg up on me. A lot of people know who you are. NOBODY knew who I was when I started, because I didn't know who I was myself. Go forth and prosper.

If you build it, they will come.

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