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April 06, 2008

The strike

Originally published May 16, 2003

The final vote occurs at 7:30 tonight, which means it's all over but the counting right now. I have no idea what the Union may do and, frankly, I don't give a lovely shit, either.

All week long, I had operators asking me, "If the Union strikes, do I get locked out, even if I want to come to work?" I couldn't answer their questions because upper management wasn't taking a clear stance yet. They finally did last night. Better late than never.

We're not going to lock anybody out. If a worker is willing to cross the picket line, we'll let him in and put him to work. I think this is exactly the right policy.

Our maintenance department is damned near 100% union. Those guys were raised in the trades and they kept their OLD union memberships in their trade union up-to-date just in case they needed to go down to the Union Hall and sit on a bench waiting for a job. Production workers don't have that same option.

That's why only about 30% of the production workers in my area belong to the Union. And that 30% is mostly stewards and fuckheads. THERE'S a union for you today. The power-hungry and the incompetent, banding together, for the good of the power-hungry and the protection of the incompetent.

My beloved state of Georgia has a Right To Work law. Most of my operators want to come to work no matter what the Union decides. In fact, some have said that they're willing to climb the fucking fence to get in, if that's what it takes. They have families to feed and a good job where they are.

If the Union votes to strike, it commits suicide, pure and simple. We'll lock the strikers out and never invite them back. There will BE NO MORE UNION! We'll hire new people willing to work for the wages and benefits we offer (and they are EXCELLENT) while the unemployed mau-maus walk the red line and wave their picket signs at the end of the company road like the stupid trolls they are.

Why anyone in a union "leadership" position can't see that handwriting clearly on the wall is a mystery to me.

But these "leaders" will jet off somewhere else, to their next confrontation with management, secure in their Union jobs, with no thought at all of the crap they left in their wake. If the rank and file listen to those assholes, they get what they deserve.

Hmmm... maybe we need a nanny law about forbidding ANYONE from listening to bad advice.

Naw. That would put too many government workers and Congressmen out of a job.


Even at my new position on long hair, it is nobodyís damn business, especially not the school boardís.

Posted by: Max on April 9, 2008 06:36 PM
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