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March 02, 2008

I gotta do it again

Originally published April 18, 2003

This fuckface put this screed in MY COMMENTS when I was not asking for a fight. The belly-crawling cocksucker came out of his slime-hole and said this:

No.1 wtf is the big deal bout her site to begin with , she is someone who actually has the guts to put up what she feels and thinks. If you dont care for her blog then why the hell be a asshole bout it, lord knows the world is full of them already and they are like opinions, everyone has one and dont want another.Dont go back and read a second time and so on. No. 2 Yuh i'm her ex hubby and her leavin wuz to be happy with life, which she is now. We talked things out and both agreed that things were over. The things she is into is her business and her choice, not some asswipe with another blog site that dont have a life to begin with so he has to set at his pc all day and read bout other peeps and then put them down. Kinda like tekwh0re said u must be a "real catch" cough cough. Oh and with these parting words , this is bout the most PLAIN site i have seen as far as blog sites, might take some tips from Chelle bout design and stuff >=)

Posted by the-ex at April 18, 2003 01:39 PM

These are the words of a Dominant Alpha Male. BWHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!


The fuckwit can't spell, can't write and can't think. YOU DA MAN!!!! Bwhahahahaha!!!!

What a miserable asshole you are.

By the way, you dickless wonder, there has never been a fence around my ass. I am NOT a submissive person. Grow some stones. Come see me. Email me and I'll give you the goddam address. I bought something just the other day that I would LOVE to show you. Come get some, pissant.

I have shit better turds than you will ever be, asswipe.

Don't fuck with me.

But you are certainly welcome to bring you bad ass to my front yard. Let's explore that dominant thing and talk about my page. Let's do that.

I'm willing. Are YOU?

You like to beat women. Try someone who fights back. I dare you.

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