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February 28, 2008

I didn't think he had it in him

Originally published July 11, 2003

I WILL be damned. Laurence Simon wrote a post about me that showed a side of him that he usually keeps cloaked. [Blog no longer exists.- Ed.] I am delighted that he did it, but he makes me sound like some kind of saint. I ain't that. I've done everything I've done for purely selfish reasons.

Besides, anybody who reads my blog should NEVER be surprised that I am open and candid about things that happen in my life. That's what the blog is about, and it's been that way since the beginning. Yeah... visit here and I let you peek in my underwear drawer.

Prostate cancer and a painful divorce were not fun to live through. Learning to stick a hypodermic needle in my dick to generate an erection was not fun to live through. Seeing my son twice every month was not fun to live WITH, But I blogged about every bit of it. That's what I do.

When I decided to have my operation, I did a lot of checking around first. I learned a lot. I didn't walk into this with no clue about where I was going. I knew where I DID NOT want to be, and that's where I WAS. I found an exit sign. I wanted out of there.

So far, it appears that I made a damn good decision. I'll know for sure in about four more weeks. And when I find out for sure, I'll blog about THAT, too.

That's what I do.

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