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February 04, 2008

What's wrong

Originally published December 19.2003

Here is an interesting post, because it's one of the few things Jennifer and I ever argued about when we were married. [Ed. Blog no longer exists.] We've feminized the public schools so much that nobody is supposed to stand up to a bully anymore. "Zero Tolerance" equals zero brains to me.

I taught Quinton to fight.

He came crying to me one day on the mini-farm because one of his "friends" punched him in the face for no good reason. I asked Quinton what he did about it. "I came and told YOU," he replied.

"You get no sympathy from me," I said. "If you let somebody punch you in the face and you go running to daddy all your life, you'd better get real tough, real fast, because a lot of people will punch you. What do you expect ME to do about it? Go punch his daddy? Go punch HIM? No, sir. Life doesn't work that way. If you can't handle this crisis, I'll tell Michael to go home and never come back again. But if I were you, I'd go out there and mop up the yard with him. I'd make him think twice before he ever punched me again."

I had to pull Quinton off of Michael a couple of minutes later. Quinton beat the boy like a drum and I was PROUD OF HIM FOR DOING IT.

Unlike Jennifer, I would rather see Quinton kicked out of school for standing up for himself than become a fucking doormat that bullies wipe their feet on because of "rules." Schools had a different philosophy when I was growing up. Administrators EXPECTED boys to get into fights (boys always have and they always will) and the administrators didn't try to deny human nature with some kind of assless, nutless "zero-tolerance" policy.

Learning to stand up for yourself is a lesson that will carry you far in life, too. Schools should teach "I Don't Have to Take This Shit- 101" instead of the crap they are spooning down children's throats today. Turn the other cheek, my ass. You hit ME and I'm going to hit you back, so fast that you won't see it coming.

My dear, departed father told me something that I still remember, and that lesson has benefited me all my life. "Son, there ain't no such thing as a fair fight, outside a boxing ring. You fight to win, and you use whatever you have to use to do it."

Teaching my boy NOT to fight is doing him no favors in this world.

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