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January 19, 2008

Sheriff Cody Long

Originally published December 9, 2003

I always liked Cody when I was a kid. He wore a big badge and toted two pearl-handled .45 revovers on his hip. He sat on the "gossip bench" outside the pool hall most of the time, and seldom spoke, but when Cody talked, people listened.

Cody had a reputation in Harlan County. He was a big man, well over six feet tall, and he probably weighed about 260 pounds. Cody killed a lot of people. Everybody in Loyal, Kentucky, told me--- if Cody come after you in the mountains, you ain't coming out alive. He'll shoot you. Cody went into the mountains and brought out a dead body many a time in his career, all of them killed in self-defense.

You didn't have a lot of crime when Cody Long was around. I'm not saying that we need more cops like Cody, but he damn sure got the job done.

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