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January 11, 2008

Dead musicians

Originally published June 6, 2003

If only the good die young, I should live forever.

I learned buddy holly's music long after he was dead. I still play some of it today. It's good stuff. I do a finger-picking version of "Peggy Sue" that's not meant as a dance song. It's meant to charm the britches off the woman who hears me play and sing it, and it works most of the time.

I like to take other people's music and try it a different way. I worked on a good electric version of "Dixie" for a while, but my ex-band, Call The Cops perfected it before I could. They bring the house down with that song anymore. Hell, they even have a REGGAE VERSION that's a killer.

I do "Dock of the Bay" fairly well with just an acoustic guitar, and I can play almost ALL of Jim Croce's music. Give me a couple of partners, and I'll play my mandolin on a bluegrass version of "Give Me Three Steps." Can you imagine how well that song lends itself to bluegrass?

I also sing "Crazy" a lot. Go figure.

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