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December 05, 2007

curdle my grits

Originally published August 24, 2004

Sometimes, this world is just too ridiculous to believe. [Ed. Link goes to a list of stories about this. Think the one Rob originally linked is the fourth one down. His original link goes to the front page.] I'm sorry, folks, but I don't believe this guy should still be breathing, let alone receiving $1,200 for "hurt feelings" in prison.

His life sentence came after Jayne McLellan's battered body was found face down in a stream and MacMillan was found hiding in bushes nearby.

She had gone out with him willingly that night after MacMillan, a friend of her brothers, called her at home.

She had facial and skull fractures from being struck by a concrete post. She had been raped, cut with a knife and one of her nipples had almost been bitten off.

Stones had been put in her windpipe to stop her breathing and a concrete post was lying across the back of her head.

This guy had his feelings hurt in prison? Fuck him AND his feelings.

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