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November 21, 2007

The right to choose

Originally published July 27, 2004

I did one thing in Costa Rica that I have never done before in my life. I BOUGHT a piece of ass in a straight-up business deal.

When I came back to the hotel after watching a play, I spied the guy I met at the bar at beginning of my trip--- the guy who operates the escort service. I sat down at the bar and he remembered me. We talked for a while, sipped a couple of cold cervesas and he asked me again if I wanted a woman.

This time I said yes.

He whipped out a cell phone, make a quick call and said, "Maria is coming. You will like her. She is very HOT." About 20 minutes later, a taxi pulled up outside and one of the most beautiful wimmen I have seen in my life stepped from the rear seat, paid the driver and walked into the bar. She was my "date" for the evening. And she was, indeed, hot.

Later that night, when Maria was gone, my blood pressure was back to normal and my legs did not wobble when I tried to walk, I pondered upon what just occurred. I bought a piece of ass. I got my moneys worth, too. She had a commodity for sale that I wanted to buy, and we agreed on a fair sales price. In business, I believe that is called a "win-win" situation.

Any man who says "I never paid for it" is a got-dam liar. If I had back all the money that "free" pussy has cost me over the years, I would be a rich man. I believe that prostitutes are more honest than most other wimmen. At least prostitutes tell you right up front how much the pussy is going to cost. You never know how much you will pay for a woman who is not selling it outright. Either way, it{s going to cost you money.

Besides--- why is abortion legal and prostitution is not? A woman has a "right to choose" when it comes to ending a pregnancy. The same people who keep prostitution illegal are the ones who constantly harp about a woman having a right to do what she wishes with her own body. She can have all the abortions she wants, she can GIVE AWAY her body anytime she wants, but if she sells a piece of ass, she is a criminal.

Somebody explain that to me.

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