Gut Rumbles

October 20, 2007

Things that matter to me

Originally published October 20, 2003

* I always keep my fingernails and toenails trimmed and clean. I can't stand hoary nails on anybody, especially not me.

* I wash my hands a lot. I think that habit comes from working for 24 years in a chemical plant, where I kept my hands in all kinds of shit.

* I like to go barefoot. Hell, I like to go NEKKID, but the neighbors might complain if I went outside the way I walk around my house most of the time. But nobody demands that I wear shoes outside, so usually I don't.

* I enjoy being around children because they combine the best and the worst humanity has to offer. They are innocent, yet conniving. They are foolish but determined to fool YOU. They have boundless energy but sleep like concrete blocks when they fall out. They belive in magic and Santa Claus. They make me feel good.

* I love the sea. I've snorkled a lot, yet I've never learned to scuba-dive. I want to try that. Hell, if this bastard can do it, I can.

* I miss the body I once had. I was young and strong and I NEVER got tired. My hair was dark and my energy was inexhaustable. I feel like an old fart today.

* I like violent thunderstorms. I've weathered a few on top of a mountain where the rain fell in sheets and hailstones pelted my head. The thunder rocked the ground and the lightning lit up the sky. I managed to survive those storms and I still keep a lawn chair in my garage so I can sit there and watch the lightning to this day. I like seeing Mother Nature all pissed off.

* I once drank breast-milk from a lactating woman. I just wanted to try it. For the hell of it. The milk was warm and really didn't taste that good. But I enjoyed the experience.

* I'll try almost anything once, but I don't believe that I want to jump out of an airplane.

*OR ride a motorcycle.

* There are some things I simply refuse to do.

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