Gut Rumbles

September 26, 2007


Originally published April 23, 2004

I took yesterday off in celebration of Earth Day. I didn't want to blog when I should be worshiping at the tender feet of Gaia. So, I cut down a few trees, built a big outdoor fire to release tons of dioxins and furans into our atmosphere, killed and ate a couple of endangered species, drained a swamp delicate wetland, changed the oil in my gas-guzzling pickup truck and dumped the used oil down a storm drain. I threw away some perfectly good recyclables, too.

I dumped pesticide on my lawn and sprayed herbicide on my weeds. I ate processed food and stomped all over an organic garden. I helped a neighbor dump an old refrigerator in the woods where children play. We left the door on it too, right after we released all the CFCs into the atmosphere, but that's better than putting an old refrigerator into a landfill.

I was too busy saving the planet yesterday to blog.

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