Gut Rumbles

September 19, 2007


Originally published April 14, 2004

I made over $100,000 dollars last year, at least on paper. I received a severance package from work and I calculated the taxes on the money before I filled out the forms to collect it. The federal government took more than 20% of that money right off the top, and my beloved state of Georgia took another 6%.

I worked 24 years for that money. I performed shiftwork, put in a lot of overtime (for which I was not paid) and I ate my slice of the shit sandwich every day. I froze my ass off, sweated my balls off and did everything I could think of to be an outstanding performer. I remain proud of my work.

But I got fired--- not because I wasn't doing my job--- just because I wrote a politically-incorrect blog.

Now, the buzzards are descending to feast off me. The feds and the state will get their cut with the threat of pitching me into jail if I don't pay. My BC of an ex-wife is trying to take half of what's left. I don't recall seeing a single government employee or my ex-wife doing my job one single day of my life. I WAS THE ONE busting his ass out there in the middle of the night and living by his wits.

18-hour days. Lots of responsibility. Holding people's lives in your hands. Yeah, if you do a good job handling that kind of task, EVERYBODY SHOULD BENEFIT! Eat the rich.

I have what I have because I worked for it. It is MINE! Now, I'm being told to give most of it away. I won't do it. I spilled too much blood and guts on the floor to allow those buzzards to feast on me that way.

Sometimes, the crazy thing is the right thing to do.

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