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September 15, 2007

More on child support

Originally published April 9, 2004

I did the math this evening (I know-- I'm an English major and I don't do math, but I might surprise you sometimes). If I took my retirement at $1,036 per month, I need to live another 15.9 years to break even on the deal. That means that I'll need to live to the age of 69 before my choice proves to be a bad one.

No man on the Smith side of my family ever lived past the age of 62 as far back as we can trace down the family tree and MY FATHER set that record by hanging on by his fingernails as long as he could. I don't expect to see my 69th birthday, nor am I certain that I want to.

What is the purpose of child support? I always thought that the man paid to give his child a good standard of living, to keep a roof over his head and to put groceries on the table. But that's not what the law wants in Georgia today.

Child Support is a goddam bludgeon that can be weiled by a wealthy woman with a craven, scum-sucking lawyer to beat the shit out of a man, while SHE fucks around like a mink in heat. This sordid affair isn't about Quinton-- it's about killing ME. How a supposedly wise judge can see it any differently is beyond my comprehension.

But most of the law is beyond my comprehension. Maybe that's why we end up with so many complete dickwits wearing black robes and sitting on a bench.

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