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April 18, 2007

The real me (the later years)

Originally published August 30, 2004

the real me.jpg

I don't feel much like writing, so I started searching through my pictures and found the one above. I've posted it before, but it deserves a repeat.

I remember that evening, believe it or not. That was my birthday, last year. Celebratory activities were intense, involving steak, seafood and large quantities of frozen margaritas. I became philosophical.

Somebody mentioned something about home-made biscuits. That set me off on a rant. I believe that I told the entire history of my family and then staggered off to the refrigerator for a visual aid. I grabbed a can of biscuits.

"These ain't real biscuits. REAL biscuits are made by your mama or your grandma. These things ain't nothing but dry-wall glue."

When somebody asked me why I had them in MY refrigerator, I claimed a "birthday pass" and refused to answer the question.

Don't let that pensive pose on my main page fool you. This picture is more like the real me.


I have seen him like this over a 100 times. He was always a funny drunk.

Posted by: Catfish on April 18, 2007 08:21 PM
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