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April 17, 2007

Another dog lover

Originally published April 28, 2003

I wonder if tim blair ever had a dog that could stuff an entire Krystal hamburger into his mouth, chew and swallow the whole thing, then spit out the hidden pickle every time?

He must have, or at least he WANTS a dog like that, because he linked my post about my dog being able to do exactly that trick. Eat your heart out, Tim. There was only one "Wiggles," and there will never be another one like him. That Krystal trick actually got me laid a few times because women would come to my place to watch it happen.

Of course, when you leave the Krystal with a "sackfull" at 3:00 AM drunker than Cooter Jones and persuade a woman to come back to your place, the GETLAID Meter was in the Red Zone to begin with. Likelihood of high tide on the water bed that night was good. I lived only two blocks away from the Krystal Drive-In on Victory Drive in Savannah, Georgia.

They also were amazed that my dog knew colors and AT LEAST 50 English vocabulary words. He helped me seduce them, as long as they stayed off his Goodwill couch in the living room when he got tired of performing. (If they wanted to sit next to him and pet him on HIS couch, he would give them a quiet growl and show some fangs. That was my cue to say, "You need to come over HERE, and sit next to ME. The dog doesn't like ANYBODY on HIS couch.)

He travelled all over the Southeast United States with me and NEVER got tired of riding in a car. He was the right dog for me at the right time in my life.

The best dog I ever had died in 1982, and I still dream about him.

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