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April 16, 2007

Boiled peanuts, part II

Originally published August 28, 2004

She is trying to help, but she doesn't know what she's doing.
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Just check this (and CATFISH, I wouldn't mind your boiled peanut-eating input on this topic.)


Southern Recipes for you Damn Yankees.... ;)

- Boiled Peanuts:

I hate boiled peanuts, but then again, I'm from the North. You have to be a true Southerner to truly appreciate them.

1 lb. fresh, raw peanuts, in shells 10 oz. salt
1 gallon water

Wash in shell freshly harvested raw peanuts in cool water. Put 1 pound raw shelled peanuts in a large pan.. Cover with 1 gallon of water & add 10 ounces of salt (more salt may be added for a saltier taste). Allow peanuts to soak 2 hours . Peanuts will absorb some of the water. It may be necessary to add enough water to replace absorbed water. Place a lid on the pot & bring peanuts to a boil. Boil covered for 1 hour or until tender. If more saltiness is desired, let stand in hot brine. Drain. Peanuts may be eaten immediately or they may be frozen (allow to completely cool & put in airtight containers) They will keep indefinitely when frozen.

Got-dam!!! That is F-ing blasphemy!!! NOBODY who likes boiled peanuts cooks "one pound." One pound of boiled peanuts wouldn't feed an Effingham County SQUIRREL, for crying out loud. That is the most yankee-sounding recipe for boiled peanuts that I've ever read. Dammit, Girl, I believe in manners, but sometimes a man just has to show the way to a lost woman.

The REAL way to make boiled peanuts

1) Buy AT LEAST half a bushel (about 25 pounds). Buy a full bushel (which costs about $35 for 50 pounds if you have some real peanut-eaters coming to your party).

2) Take a water hose and wash all the sand off of them in your driveway. The sand is good for the sandy soil around here and it wets the peanuts down really well. You can do that without taking the peanuts out of the "croaker sack" they come in.

3) Fire up the propane cooker. Invite a couple of neighbors over and offer them a beer.

4) Fill a HUGE pot (I have one that will cook an entire bushel at one time) full of water right from the same garden hose that you washed the peanuts with and place it on the cooker. Dump the peanuts into the water right when you see bubbles coming up the side of the pot.

5) Offer everybody another beer.

6) Pull up a couple of lawn chairs and invite everybody to sit down. Add a FULL pound of salt to the water. Look at the pot and say, "Naw, that ain't enough," and add ANOTHER full pound of salt.

7) When the water starts to boil, turn the burner down to where the water is on a low simmer. Cover the pot with a lid and offer everybody another beer.

8) Let the peanuts cook for about an hour while you and your company exchange stories about horrible ex-wives, how dumb you were as a boy and how that new neighbor has a hottie for a wife.

9) Stick a ladle in the pot and fish out a bunch of peanuts. Throw 'em on a paper plate and pass the plate around. That's a Southern Sampler. Don't be ashamed to ask, "What'cha think?" People who know boiled peanuts will let you know EXACTLY what they think. I usually don't get many complaints. If somebody says, "Not too bad," I know I'm on the right track.

10) When the peanuts are tender but not quite salty enough, turn the propane flame off and allow the peanuts to soak for about an hour. When they start to sink to the bottom of the pot, they are ready to eat and as salty as they're going to get.

Then, pass out the paper plates and give everybody a turn at the ladle. Let 'em dish up what they want. The peanuts will be hot, but not so hot that they burn your tongue. If everybody starts eating and making those good, Southern grunting noises and the ladle never stays in the pot for long, you know that you done good.

THAT'S how you cook boiled peanuts.


That is correct, you buy fresh green peanuts to start and when you buy, you buy at least 10 to 50 pounds. Take the nts home, wash them in sink or your bathtub, while they are laying in tub or sink, get a large pot add cold water and bring to a boil, add your salt and then add all of your peanuts, let them come back to a boil, after boiling a few mintues, cut heat back a little, add top to the pot and let cook for an hour or two, depends on how many nuts and water you have. Stir every once and a while, taste a few nuts each time you stir. When you think the nuts are soft, inside the hull of the nut, cut the fire off pot and let them lay in that hot water for at least an hour or so. You then have hot boiled peanuts. Most people can eat about three pounds per sitting, so have plenty of peanuts on hand, Cat

Posted by: Catfish on April 16, 2007 10:11 PM

Sweetie, I might have to get you to send me some green peanuts.
I'm gonna ask if my local grocery store can get them for me.
If not, I'll just shoot ya some money to cover the cost of the nuts and shipping and do it that way.

Also, my Dad and his wife are coming for the whole weekend before my birthday.
I was just talking to dad about it again not half an hour ago and I told him I'm gonna do a Low Country Boil while they're here.

Told him I learned how to do it last summer, in Georgia... from you.

God Almighty, I miss you guys...

Posted by: Stevie on April 16, 2007 11:16 PM

HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thats the way its done bro.

Posted by: hemostats on October 12, 2009 04:35 AM
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