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April 13, 2007

Animal lovers

Originally published March 31, 2005

I despise people who call themselves "animal lovers" and I believe that PETA is full of complete moonbat idiots. Hell, we've even got some lawyers today who want to give animals the right to sue in tort court. (they don't really give a shit about animals--- they just see another way to milk the system for lots of dollars.)

I like dogs. I've become fond of goats and chickens. I'll even tolerate an occasional cat, even though I don't like cats. But I damn sure don't "love" all animals. I kill every snake I see and I don't care what kind it is. If I catch a raccoon raiding my garbage can, I'm going to shoot it. I caught a possum eating from the dog food bowl on my back porch one night, and when I yelled "Get outta here!" it bowed up and hissed at me. I shot it dead.

I cannot remember the number of squirrels I have killed with nothing more than a pellet rifle. (Did a few more with a .22, but that was squirrel HUNTING, not varmit control.) I've killed rats, mice, moles, roaches, grackles and waged a constant war against fire ants ever since I owned my own property. If I include the ants, I have taken more life than Hitler ever did and I don't regret one bit of it.

That's why I read this shit and laugh. [Ed. News article no longer available.] Somebody from Canada mentioned in a recent comment that the damn harp seals are overpopulated and eating all the cod that fishermen depend on for their livelihood. So, people are going to thin them out a bit, and "animal lovers" immediately went into cardiac arrest at the very idea.

Thousands of seal hunters armed with clubs, rifles and spears are taking part in one of Canada's biggest ever culls.

The hunt is expected to bring poor coastal communities millions of dollars but has been condemned by animal rights activists as barbaric.

Of course "animal rights activists" feel that way. It is much better for people to starve to death than it is to kill a baby seal. That's the way these twisted fuckers THINK.

But the Canadian government said the hunt brought badly needed income to its coastal communities, which earned about £7.2 million last year, primarily from pelt sales to Norway, Denmark and China.

Canada's Department of Fisheries and Oceans said the country's seal population was "healthy and abundant," and noted there were an estimated 5 million harp seals, nearly the highest level ever recorded and almost triple what it was in the 1970s.



Call me callous all you want to, but when you have five million seals eating up your food fish supply and the seals are worth serious MONEY for their pelts, I say go kill off a few hundred thousand. Maybe a million. Club them, shoot them, stab them or whatever. Skin their asses right there in the snow.

Is seal meat any good to eat? I've never tried it, but I would if the menu mentioned that it was a genuine piece of hand-clubbed, baseball-bat tenderized Canadian seal, killed brutally and shipped fresh to the restaurant I was sitting in. Yeah, gimme a prime cut.

I've seen hogs and cows killed and butchered. I ate the meat, too, and I never had a single nightmare about it. What I DON'T understand is people who seem to think dumb animals are more important than human children. I see a really fucked-up priority system there. Allow the seal to live, but let little Johnny starve.

Yeah. That's being a real "animal lover."

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