Gut Rumbles

March 15, 2007

Supreme stupidity

Originally published June 26, 2003.

I've always tried to keep a sense of adventure. My sense may not be like yours, because I thought raising chickens and goats made more sense than jumping out of an airplane, but that's all a matter of perspective.

If you want to jump out of an airplane, that's fine with me. If I choose to keep both feet on the ground and raise animals, you should appreciate MY outlook on life the same as I do yours.

Fuck a cat and fuck jumping out of an airplane. Fuck bungi-jumping. Fuck diversity AND affirmative action. Fuck the Supreme Court.

We live in a crazy world now. We appreciate "diversity" to the point where it is illegal to demand QUOTAS, unless you use stealth quotas. Those are okay. A BLANTANT example of counting jelly beans by color is unconstitutional, but if you do the same thing WITHOUT saying what you're doing, it's okay. What the fuck is the Supreme Court smoking?

I want some of it.

I just wish more people just listened to that little voice that always talks in my ear about right and wrong. I don't always listen, but I always know it's there. It talks to me in my sleep and THAT's the one I answer to.

That's why I could NEVER be a politician. They never hear that voice.

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