Gut Rumbles

December 03, 2006

Got again!

Originally published September 30, 2003

I ranted about the difference between cats and dogs the other day and thought I had the upper hand in the argument until I read this comment, courtesy of Robin Roberts

You don't find a cat eating dog turds either.

I think I've been bested here. Old Bud was a damn good dog, but he thought the cat box was a salad bar. He slept a lot, but when I saw him drag is old, arthritic ass to his feet and head for the kitchen, I KNEW what he was about to do. If I didn't hurry to stop him, I would find him with his head in the litter box.

"BUD!!! What the hell do you think you're doing?" The half-deaf old fart would look at me with kitty litter all over his chin and a cat-turd sticking out of his mouth like a cigar. What is it about dogs that make them want to eat cat shit?

I don't know. But they damn sure do it.

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